Things were getting rowdy in the Hard Rock Hotel room as Elizabeth and her mixed entourage got the party started on the day of her wedding. She was more excited than nervous – she and Garry had been together forever and she felt like it was the right time to move forward. Her bridal party helped her in to her tea-length flared lace dress, buttoning up the lace bodice with three-quarter length sleeves. Her brunette to purple ombre hair was swept in to a sixties inspired half-up bouffant, and topped with a simple veil that hit mid back. The bridal party was decked out in the day’s primary color – a deep crimson red – each in a unique cut and style.

Edgewood Lake Tahoe Detail Heavy Autumn Wedding

Meanwhile, Garry and his groomsmen (and grooms-woman) could hardly stand still long enough for photos. Energy was high as the group goofed around; posing in their crimson slacks with suspenders, western bowties and crimson rose boutonnières. The groom looked dapper in a black, crushed velvet suit with a bolo tie.


The crew of Chateau Bliss finished off the last touches at the ceremony and reception spaces at Edgewood Tahoe. The event planners had poured their hearts in to the beautifully detailed elements of the space. They had draped the ceremony arch with deep green ferns and full ivory and crimson flowers. The aisle was lined with antique milk jugs holding tree branches, and pages of books lovingly tied with crimson string. A rustic cart held blankets for the guests, in an effort to combat the chill of an early autumn wedding on the lakeshore. Soon the ceremony began, and the bride and her bridesmaids met the groom at the altar. Each member of the bridal party carried a bouquet that paired with the wedding arch, the dark ferns and leaves pouring over their hands gracefully. After vows were said, the newlyweds headed out through the two antique door frames hung with hand-made cotton wreathes, to the reception space. On the way, the wedding party stopped to refresh their drinks before heading to the beach for some fun group shots. By now the group was feeling pretty good, and more than one person had a hard time walking in the sand – resulting in some one-of-a-kind photos.

Edgewood Lake Tahoe Detail Heavy Autumn Wedding Edgewood Lake Tahoe Detail Heavy Autumn Wedding Edgewood Lake Tahoe Detail Heavy Autumn Wedding

The richly unique wedding decorations continued inside the ceremony space, with centerpieces of deep leafy greens and crimson flowers, wood-framed chalkboard signs and rustic desserts. The tables were adorned with ivory covers, shiny gold plates, pages from books and music sheets. The high craftsmen style windows of the ballroom filled the space with light, creating a perfect balance of deep gem tones and airy rays of golden autumn light.


As the reception was underway, the offbeat bride and groom slipped away to the beach for some fun and photos alone. Their rings were as unique as them – Garry’s featuring a dark square gem lined with three small diamond in a gold setting, and Elizabeth’s dainty bands featuring intricate, tribal like carvings.


Back inside the ceremony space, the fun really got underway as the traditional reception events were carried out – from the cake cutting to the bouquet toss. The crowd was feeling great and more than eager to party, and the music played loudly until the very last moment. This fun loving pair is fortunate to have such a quirky and caring support system, and we wish them all the best that life has to offer.