The bride was beaming with joy in her Swoon Bridal gown as she and her newlywed husband strolled barefoot along the shores of Lake Tahoe enjoying a beautiful sunset on their wedding day. Their Lake Tahoe beach wedding was as unique as their love story, which has been seven years in the making.

The couple spent the morning laughing with close friends and family as they awaited the ceremony. The bridesmaids huddled in the sand dressed in their flowing dresses provided by Revelry, which were accompanied by bare feet and flower crowns! Bouquets made up of maroon, orange, and light green by Sandy Rose at Petal to the Metal perfectly complimented the bridesmaid’s unique blue skirts and the groomsmen’s maroon bowties and suspenders. 

Before the ceremony, the wedding party shared a toast in excitement as they looked forward to their friend’s future together

Wedding guests were seated at the edge of Lake Tahoe with the mountains providing a majestic backdrop from the beach of Mourelato’s Lakeshore Resort as the bride’s aunt and uncle, whom the couple admires for their friendship and love, preformed the ceremony. They surprised the couple with advice from their parents and grandmother to give inspiration for their marriage. The bride and groom kissed as dream catchers blew in the breeze behind them under the hand scraped Aspen lodgepole alter. 

After the emotional first kiss, the bridal party joined them in celebration of their marriage.

Thanks to the wedding coordinator, Angelina Ellis of the Tahoe Entertainer, every aspect of the reception was filled with unique details that represented the couple. The guests were offered carefully selected craft beers as well as wine with personalized labels and seated at tables named and decorated after national parks that the couple had visited together on their cross country road trip in their old-school van. Personalized cookies, designed by a close friend, and a unique wedding cake made by Cindy Felix at Eldorado Bakery also paid tribute to their adventures together. It was during the cross country road trip that Scott proposed to Alissa under a Joshua Tree and the couple began their adventure toward marriage. 

During the wedding reception, the couple stocked the fridge of their van with beer and whisky so their friends could enjoy the experience of the place they called home during their travels. When Johnstone Studios photographers challenged them to climb on the van for a sunset photo, the adventurous couple showed no hesitation, while atop their van, the DJ played Faithfully by Journey

The rest of the evening was spent dancing, laughing, and enjoying time with friends and family under the lights and dreamcatchers that decorated the dance floor beachside under the stars of the Sierra Nevadas.   

Timing the sunset for that world famous Alpenglow, Johnstone Studios whisked the couple away to enjoy the sunset and spend a few stolen moments together for their Lake Tahoe bridal portraits as they reflected on the memories they made that day and anticipated their future together.